Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy: The Feud of Our Time?

Last weekend at the Oscars, animatronic exoskeleton Joan Rivers and Jim Henson's loudest Muppet Miss Piggy threw down in a dispute over Miss Piggy's recently announced QVC fashion line, Moi by Miss Piggy. But as this E! video shows, their dispute goes way deeper than anyone outside of Hollywood ever realized.

Rivers & Piggy's celebrity pals recount their memories of this decades-long roller coaster dispute between the two entertainment powerhouses in the exclusive video from E!. The video recounts Miss Piggy's early days as a stand up comic all the way up to last weekend's Oscar brawl that left Joan Rivers covered in cake. Seriously.

All of this tension is building up in the midst of Disney's Muppets Most Wanted (in theaters March 21st) and will likely come to a dramatic, shouty end on QVC March 16th, when Miss Piggy joins Rivers and her Muppets Movie co-stars for the day. Come for the Muppets, stay for the mayhem.

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