Watch a Food Truck Pioneer Use Oreo Cookies to Remix Fried Chicken

Playing with your food can be fun, but what about hacking your food? Oreo thinks that's even better. That's why they've launched their Snack Hack initiative by giving Roy Choi a bag of Oreo cookies: they wanted to see how the Godfather of food trucks might remix a snack that's done pretty well on its own for the last… » 4/16/14 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm

Girls to the Front! The Punk Singer and How Riot Grrrl Changes Lives

The first time I heard musician and Riot Grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna sing, "We want revolution…girl-style noooowwww," I was 16 years old, living deep in the suburbs listening to the Bikini Kill cassette a friend's younger sister had dubbed for me. The year was 1993, and the sound of that band cracked my world wide… » 4/16/14 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

From EVPs to Reiki, A Real Ghost Hunter Shares the Tricks of the Trade

Like Kevin, the hapless protagonist on Hulu's new ghost-hunting show Deadbeat, Marti Haines sees dead people. And, like Kevin, she has made it her life's work to help them communicate with their loved ones. However, Marti isn't a character on a show — she's a real live medium and ghost hunter, who works and lives in… » 4/16/14 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

Salem Witch Trials: Misogynist Fiction, Or are There Witches Among Us?

The Salem witch trials epitomize the way that intolerance, hysteria and the miscarriage of justice can be taken to deadly extremes. Though the trials can now clearly be attributed to ye olde fashioned misogyny, there's no denying that, in addition to puritanical patriarchy, some of the prevalent beliefs at the time… » 4/15/14 4:00pm Tuesday 4:00pm

Devious Maids Is the Telenovela for Our Times

To be honest, Devious Maids is not the most accurate title for this series. Distractingly Glam and Slightly Horny Maids was probably too lengthy and Murder, Maids Wrote too awkwardly phrased. But when it comes to deviousness, the titular help have nothing on the wealthy sociopaths who sign their paychecks. Knifings,… » 4/15/14 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

Fill Your Tank (More Than Once!) with a $150 Gift Card

The one thing guaranteed to suck the joy out of driving is the cost of gas when you decide to top off your tank. As you pull away from the gas pump, you're not sure what's higher: the number on the bottom line of your receipt, or your blood pressure. Of course, buying gas isn't nearly as traumatic when you're spending… » 4/15/14 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

Your Friend Is "Too Busy" to Watch Orphan Black With You? Never Again


» 4/14/14 9:40am Monday 9:40am

We all have that friend who, through bad taste or mere ignorance, cannot be trusted to make their own TV-viewing decisions. They won't even make time for a show as gripping and mind-blowing as Orphan Black, which is a travesty. Here's a guide for convincing your resident Luddite to bite the bullet and join you in the… » 4/14/14 9:40am Monday 9:40am

The Great Don Debate: Discuss the Greatness of Mad Men's Anti-Hero


He wears a suit like Cary Grant, can make a room of grown men tear up over a slide projector, and he does not want your "Zou Bisou Bisou." He's Don Draper, the adman everyone loves to hate and hates to love. (Caution: there are a couple of spoilers in this post.) » 4/14/14 12:00pm Monday 12:00pm

Which of Orphan Black's Badass Clones is Most Worship-Worthy?

BBC America's gripping thriller Orphan Black returns April 19th, so I thought it might be a great time to celebrate the show's highly distinct Identicals. The clones brilliantly subvert the trope of the Strong Female Character and instead replace it with seven Real Female Characters brought to life by Tatiana Maslany's … » 4/11/14 12:30pm Friday 12:30pm

Blood! Glass! Fluids! Notes on Cleaning Up a Hot Mess

Ah, spring cleaning — that joyous time you spend identifying which Tupperware smells like the eleventh deadly plague, rescuing the 2.5 hair-doll children you birthed in the last year from your shower drain, and sweeping up the Hansel and Gretel trail of cat litter sprinkled around the apartment. » 4/10/14 12:00pm 4/10/14 12:00pm

Is the Winchester Mystery House Haunted by Design?

Silicon Valley is already pretty creepy, with its Google Glass-clad techies, hovering private drones, and the ghosts of dead startups. But in San Jose, the hub of Silicon Valley, there's a place that the State of California actually deemed haunted: The Winchester Mystery House. » 4/09/14 4:00pm 4/09/14 4:00pm

Three Ways to Brag About Your Gaming Prowess (Without Being a Jerk)

You know those moments when you've accomplished some insane gaming feat and end up hopping around in your living room doing the crazy dance as your cat quietly judges? Everybody has them from time to time, but what do you do when there's no one else around to bask in your gaming glory with? » 4/09/14 12:00pm 4/09/14 12:00pm

Did Blackfish Make You Rethink That Childhood Trip to SeaWorld?

You've heard about Blackfish — the critically acclaimed documentary about SeaWorld's captive orca program and its horrific effects on both the humans and animals involved. The film has been stirring up a lot of controversy since its release, with SeaWorld criticizing it as "propaganda," and musicians like Heart refusing… » 4/09/14 12:00pm 4/09/14 12:00pm