Brighten Up Your Winter With On-Trend Suits That Actually Fit

Getting dressed in the winter is a challenge. While the holidays can be sartorially interesting, come January, you’ve probably fused to your bed in a carb-induced hibernation. Getting dressed and out the door takes time, energy, and the strength to leave your warm house for the frozen tundra of the outside world. »Yesterday 3:55pm11/24/15 3:55pm

The Clean-As-You-Go Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Your turkey is the juiciest, your stuffing is nothing short of bliss, and you’ve even perfected the art of steering the conversation away from Uncle Norton’s conspiracy theories. You’ve got this Thanksgiving thing down, from the moment you buy the bird to the last satisfied mouthful of pumpkin pie…until it’s time to… »Yesterday 11:57am11/24/15 11:57am

High-Performance Sheets Can Improve Your Game (in Bed)

There’s no shortage of sports-related sex slang: going deep, ball-handling, in the hole ... and then there’s the whole bases thing. But here’s some advice if you ever want to get laid: Don’t mention these innuendos to another human being. They’re sophomoric and a real turn-off. That said, the connection between sex… »11/17/15 4:10pm11/17/15 4:10pm

Meet The New iRobot Roomba 980, Your Helping Hand for Cleaner Floors

Just when you thought you were up to speed on the latest and greatest vacuum-cleaning robots, the iRobot® Roomba® 980 vacuum-cleaning robot shows up to blow your mind. It’s got some brand-new features, enhancements of existing ones, and, with full integration to the iRobot HOME app, it’s remotely operable so you can… »11/16/15 4:00pm11/16/15 4:00pm

Watch A 707HP Dodge Hellcat Tear Up City Streets

Ever dreamed of going full car-chase mode through an empty downtown? If not, you will after watching this new video from the people at Shell Pennzoil. They put precision driver Rhys Miller behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and sent it tearing through the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. This film… »11/12/15 11:55am11/12/15 11:55am

Connected LED Bulbs Let You Personalize Your Lighting to Maintain Your Sleep Cycle

In a perfect world, wellness and convenience would coexist in perfect harmony. Fast food wouldn’t contribute to obesity and ab-toning belts would zap your belly into a six pack while you lounged on the couch. Historically, marriages between ease and wellness have been elusive. Practical products like the new C by GE… »11/10/15 11:55am11/10/15 11:55am

You vs. Machines (Spoiler: Machines Win)

We’d be a lot slower and less efficient without machines, that’s for sure. Technology kicks humans’ butts, from a speed and power perspective, on the regular. But just how much? Here’s how five products compare to their old-school, hand-operated counterparts, using real benchmarks anyone can understand. One thing’s… »11/09/15 11:55am11/09/15 11:55am

Dating Myths That Are Destroying Your Love Life


Dating is hard. Advice is supposed to make it easier. It usually doesn’t. Well-meaning people spread dating falsehoods that aren’t merely wrong — they’re actively preventing you from getting what you want, whether what you want is a lifelong commitment or a dive-bar bathroom snog.
»11/05/15 11:55am11/05/15 11:55am

How a Busy Communications Associate Manages Her Work and Time

This past spring, at the northern end of Central Park, New Yorkers were treated to eight different artworks in the bright green grass under the dappled sun. In one, a fishing boat carrying a chamber ensemble called the S.S. Hangover floated through a pond. In another, a solar-powered ice cream truck served up ice… »11/02/15 11:55am11/02/15 11:55am

Decoding the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has introduced a whole marketplace for Americans seeking health insurance. But navigating the array of offerings can be tricky. Deciphering insurance terminology is key to understanding your options, and you may need an expert to guide you toward the plan that works best for you and your family.
»11/01/15 11:55am11/01/15 11:55am

From Pouring to Sniffing: A Guide to Whiskey Tasting

The whiskey revolution has taken the world by storm, and you’re shirking your civic responsibility if you haven’t reported for duty. Ready to become an authority on the art and science of whiskey? Arm yourself with this guide co-curated with Jameson Caskmates (a remarkable whiskey finished in casks seasoned with Irish… »10/29/15 3:55pm10/29/15 3:55pm

How to Keep It Casual While Dating


Hollywood, pop songs, and your mom agree that your relationships should be monogamous and committed. But those expectations can breed drama, doubt, the death of spontaneity, and the birth of babies. You want none of that. You’re a coatimundi bounding through the treetops of independence (relationship-wise). Can you… »10/23/15 11:55am10/23/15 11:55am

Debunking 6 Common Misconceptions About Whiskey and Craft Beer

Your big brother says whiskey puts hair on your chest, your roommate swore by “beer before liquor, never sicker,” and your ex-girlfriend had some crazy notion that your beer burps weren’t cute. There’s more misinformation about beer and whiskey out there than there are bottles of beer on the wall, and just because the… »10/20/15 3:55pm10/20/15 3:55pm

Jillian Michaels Talks Fitness Fads and What Makes an Exercise Phenomenon 

Most rational people know that effective workouts require actual work (and usually a fair amount of sweat). Unfortunately, it’s still tempting to believe an exercise program claiming to burn thousands of calories without raising your heart rate will be effective. Mall walking is a thing, people. Given the constant… »10/12/15 1:44pm10/12/15 1:44pm

Are You Guilty of Visual Hacking?

In terms of morning-commute entertainment options, checking out your boss’ confidential email or peeking at your seatmate’s text-message fight with her boyfriend ranks far above reading that neglected novel in your bag. The temptation of getting the scoop on said boyfriend’s inability to commit (and his mother’s… »10/12/15 11:55am10/12/15 11:55am