How to Look Like a Boss in a Pants-free Workplace

Working from home is the best thing to happen to work since the plow: pants are optional, happy hour starts whenever you feel like it, and you can nuke last night's fish with wild abandon. Thanks to Skype, it's easier than ever to join the remote workforce — as long as you're willing to follow a few tips that keep… » 2/24/15 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

Don't Be A Statistic: Be Smarter About Protecting Your Passwords

It's embarrassing and a bit terrifying, but it's time to admit an Internet behavior that many are guilty of. Nobody is proud of it, but it's happening in staggering numbers: password laziness. Chances are your password choice is not enough to guard your most important financial information, your clients' documents, or… » 2/18/15 4:00pm 2/18/15 4:00pm

Tripping 13-Year-Olds and Fun with Concussions: When Coaching Goes Bad

The quest for victory can sometimes turn even the most well-intentioned coaches into rage-addicted maniacs whose antics lead to injury, traumatized players, and, worst of all, defeat. On Spike's Coaching Bad, premiering Sunday at 10/9C, out-of-control coaches get a crash course in cooling down from NFL legend Ray… » 2/06/15 12:04pm 2/06/15 12:04pm

How One Graphic Designer Is Rallying a Creative Industry for Good

Many industries boast a commitment to philanthropy. And whether it takes the form of monetary donations, celeb-endorsed awareness campaigns, or donning a tux and bidding on that trip to Napa during a silent auction, funding the efforts of a worthy charity is admirable. But how many are offering their personal time… » 2/04/15 11:55am 2/04/15 11:55am

Watch A UCB Comedy Quarterback Fix One Of Game Day's Biggest Problems

We're days away from kickoff, can you feel it? Football fans have taken sides, New England and Seattle fans are beginning to go wild from the anticipation. Real football fans are living, breathing, dreaming the game. Your party is all planned, you've #PreGiorno'ed. You've got your tailgate going, you've inspired your… » 1/26/15 12:00pm 1/26/15 12:00pm

Wear A Hoodie, No Cell Phones, And Other Tips for Time Travelers

This might be the world's biggest understatement, but if you're going to be traveling through time, it's nice to be prepared. Too many stories in the time travel canon don't allow for this sort of preparation, and their characters are weaker for it. When surprise artifact-touching or other external circumstance leads… » 1/23/15 12:00pm 1/23/15 12:00pm

Watch this Coach Lead His Team Of Party Guests To Pizza Domination

We all learn from our mistakes, especially when they result in not having enough delicious pizza. Delivery guys may get stuck in snow, they may get lost — they're in no way immune to the harsh realities of February weather. Plus, there are many other factors that could cause your party experience to be, well,… » 1/23/15 12:00pm 1/23/15 12:00pm

How To Survive Working With Crazies and Jerks

My best friend Emily is an anomaly. She grew up in a healthy, loving household with proper anger/crisis/problem management tactics and dutifully turned into a happy, healthy, fully functioning adult. However, while her Norman Rockwell childhood served her well in most areas of life, it proved to be a hindrance in the… » 1/22/15 12:00pm 1/22/15 12:00pm

Watch UCB Comedy Turn A Big Game Viewing Party Into A Classic Tailgate

There's a divide among sports fans, and it's between those who love the game, and those who love the tailgate. Ok, ok, everyone is there for the Big Game first-and-foremost, but, c'mon, you know that there's at least one person at the party more for the snacks than the kickoff. Painted bodies, ice cold drinks, a corn… » 1/21/15 12:00pm 1/21/15 12:00pm