Can Winning a $150 Gift Card Make You Feel Less Sad About Everything?

The Fourth of July is nearly upon us, which means that the good part of summer is almost over. Soon, the sparklers will be extinguished, the grass will be brown, and the back to school displays will be going up at the drug store. From there, it’s a short, horrible march to February. Then it will be July again, and… » 6/29/15 12:00pm 6/29/15 12:00pm

Who Said It: Trailblazing Elder Or Modern Maverick?

Quick: Which famous revolutionary gifted the world this piece of enlightenment: “I’m thinking of buying a monkey. Then I think, ‘Why stop at one?’ I don’t like to be limited in that way. Therefore I’m considering a platoon of monkeys.”? John Macenroe? Or wait — that sounds a lot like Benjamin Franklin. Maybe Robert… » 6/29/15 11:55am 6/29/15 11:55am

Use This $150 Prize to Take Care of Your Tired, Aching Body 

Are you currently hunched over your computer with your shoulders scrunched up around your ears and your spine in an unnatural contortion? I’m no doctor, but that might have something to do with the nagging pain in your shoulders, back, and, well basically everywhere. You don’t have to feel like you have the body of… » 6/29/15 11:55am 6/29/15 11:55am

How This Microbudget Director Puts His Obsessions On-screen

After Jordan Galland submitted his first script to studios, he received the following response: “This person should not write anything. Ever. He’s not a writer.” Galland didn’t let the criticism faze him — after all, he was only fifteen. Twenty years later, he’s written, directed, and produced three feature films all… » 6/26/15 12:00pm 6/26/15 12:00pm

Win Summer With A $150 Visa Gift Card

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: summer. The Polar Vortex is just a snowy memory, and complaining about the cold has been replaced by the related beast: complaining about the heat. That means that you’re probably in need of some supplies - sunblock, hats, and some nice headphones to drown out the grumps. » 6/25/15 11:59pm 6/25/15 11:59pm

You're Only Young Once, So Make It Count

Your twenties are a magical decade. You’re old enough to feel independent, but young enough to still get away with doing what you want — like start your night at 1 AM or live in a yurt for a year. It’s the perfect time to act first and think later. Mortgages and tax dependents tend to get in the way of skydiving and… » 6/25/15 11:55am 6/25/15 11:55am

How a Strange Request Led One Political Junkie to His Dream Job

“Interest in politics” certainly wasn’t a requirement listed in the Vimeo Senior Analyst job posting. So how did Damon Mok — a wonk with a creative bent who hadn’t studied math since high school — find himself loving this data-driven position at one of the most popular video sharing sites on the internet? By becoming… » 6/25/15 11:55am 6/25/15 11:55am

Why Your Brain and Body Want You to Get Fit

If you finally listened to everyone from your doctor to your therapist to your accountant, and have officially become “someone who exercises,” you can probably attest to the physical and mental benefits that come with regular workouts. But before you start spreading the good news to anyone within earshot, you might… » 6/23/15 11:55am 6/23/15 11:55am

You Only Get One First Motorcycle: Here's How to Find the Perfect One

You’ve lusted after two-wheeled glory for too long. The time has come to take the plunge and buy your first bike. Unfortunately, the plethora of options in today’s moto market can turn what should be a life peak into a daunting task. But fear not, novice rider. This list of considerations will guide you to the perfect… » 6/23/15 11:55am 6/23/15 11:55am

Here’s The Science Behind The Constant Barrage of Nutrition Advice

Nutrition do’s and don’ts have been around for a while. For centuries, certain foods have been thought to improve mental and physical health. The ancient Greeks recommended foods rich in Omega-3 for psychological health and considered protein integral to physical development. Modern science hasn’t confirmed every… » 6/16/15 10:45am 6/16/15 10:45am

The Single Innovation Behind Some Of The World's Technological Firsts

Most people would agree: we’ve come a long way since the 18th century. We’re always connected through smartphones, we can send messages instantly with email, and we’ve even got recyclable batteries! But our technological developments didn’t appear out of thin air —practices in use today stem from the seemingly… » 6/15/15 12:00pm 6/15/15 12:00pm

The Ink Master Cometh: Joey Hamilton's Tattooed Life

Every morning Joey Hamilton — former Ink Master champion and co-owner of Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas — drives 30 minutes to go draw on people’s skin for up to eight hours at a time while live-feed cameras catch every needle stroke. In preparation for the new season of Ink Master premiering June 23 on SPIKE, I caught… » 6/12/15 3:30pm 6/12/15 3:30pm

How Starting Over in Berlin Lit a Fire Under One Woman's Career

Does this story sound familiar? A woman graduates with a liberal arts degree and immediately realizes she has no clue what to do with it. (Yes it does.) What about the one where a Gender and International Studies double major takes a five-year journey across international borders to become an independent graphic… » 6/11/15 11:55am 6/11/15 11:55am

How Naked People Dress Up: A Night at the Skin Wars Fashion Show

All the creatures of the nightlife were out on June 4 at Brooklyn’s Kinfolk for the nudest fashion show Studio@Gawker has ever thrown. The June 4 party — heralding the second season premiere of Skin Wars, GSN’s mind-blowing body painting competition hosted by Rupaul — attracted drag queens, media chatterboxes, and a… » 6/10/15 12:00pm 6/10/15 12:00pm