Here’s What Your Postgrad Financial Future Holds

The road from college graduation to financial independence is paved with questions — lots and lots of questions. How do I get rid of all this student debt? Do I really need to get a credit card? What’s the most I can afford to spend on rent? I thought I knew what a 401(k) was, but I definitely don’t. You need some… »10/09/15 3:55pmYesterday 3:55pm

How the "For Dummies" Series Satisfies Our Endless Curiosity 

The yellow covers of the “For Dummies” series are hard to miss. The series published by Wiley has staked its claim in the how-to genre by offering accessible, digestible advice on everything from raising a hermit crab to origami to drones. With over 200 million books in print and more than 1,600 titles, they’ve… »10/06/15 12:51pmTuesday 12:51pm

Back-Pocket Work Tips to Increase Collaboration and Teamwork

Most of your coworkers are a delight. You work well together, you get things done, you complain about the office iced coffee drought. Coworkers who commiserate together, stay together. But sometimes you can’t get everything done as promised because meetings are going longer than needed, processes are broken, or your… »10/01/15 4:45pm10/01/15 4:45pm

Are You Wasting Your Cyber Resources?

In the unpredictable battle for cyber security, it can feel like a security breach is always imminent. But even, or especially, in this environment, it’s essential to keep one thing in mind: defenders can win. “Despite countless attempts on strategically valuable assets, defenders can have the advantage,” says Greg… »9/28/15 11:55am9/28/15 11:55am

Off-Road Racer Rod Hall Talks About the Cars He Loves and Avoiding Fame

You may not know Rod Hall. (Psst: He likes it that way.) But this Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer is someone you should definitely get to know, as evidenced by the video above. It’s a trip down memory lane that explores a young man’s love affair with a beat-up Jeep, stories of winning the Baja 1000, and his… »9/24/15 3:55pm9/24/15 3:55pm

These Bearded Heroes are Fighting for Your Votes: Who Will You Send to the Finals?

I hope you’ve recovered from the heart-pounding, beard-tingling excitement of round one, because round two is upon us. The people have spoken and EbolaMonkey, AlanAlvarado, SilenceIsACrime, and Aaron Leff are your round two competitors. All four crave victory, but only two will live to beard another day. Will you help… »9/24/15 3:55pm9/24/15 3:55pm

From Bar Tools to Tent Hammocks: Inside the Most Revolutionary Mashups

Lewis and Clark. Holmes and Watson. Mac and cheese. These, some of mankind’s greatest partnerships and collaborations, prove that when you pair up two great things, you can create one super entity that’s new and completely original. In the spirit of Jameson Caskmates, a truly unique Irish whiskey born from a… »9/24/15 11:55am9/24/15 11:55am

These Beard Bracket Hopefuls Need Your Votes!

Hold onto your trimmers, folks. This is going to be one helluva beard-off. After reviewing all of the Facial Hair Face-Off entries, a team of highly qualified judges (aka a few Gawker Media employees with strong feelings about facial hair) selected the eight best hairy selfies. Now these standouts will battle it out… »9/22/15 1:07pm9/22/15 1:07pm

We’re Looking for Mankind's Preeminent Facial Hair: Is It Yours?

Do strangers stop you on the street and ask to stroke your beard? Does your signature moustache get double-takes everywhere it goes? Does your beard have a name? A birthday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the opportunity your facial hair has been waiting for. No, it’s not a calendar featuring… »9/17/15 4:35pm9/17/15 4:35pm

The Hilarious, Unwanted Relationship Advice Every "Happy" Couple Needs

Singledom can breed certain defense mechanisms. Some people fill the void with green juice and Hades yoga, while others laser focus on their faux-glamorous, ultimately mediocre careers (see: Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner in the Amy Poehler-produced Hulu Original, Difficult People). »9/16/15 4:00pm9/16/15 4:00pm

Is a Win Still Satisfying When it's Handed to You? 

Yes, it most certainly is. Some might argue that success is sweetest when you earn it with every ounce of strength you possess, but there’s something to be said for a win that requires little to no effort. And the minimal-effort victory that trumps all might be free money — like the $150 gift card you could win by… »9/10/15 11:55am9/10/15 11:55am

Get a Jump Start on Sweater Weather With a $150 Gift Card

Fall may not officially kick off until September 23, but after Labor Day it seems like everybody starts getting anxious to free their jackets, sweaters, and other low-temp gear from summer storage. Style changes, though, and that cable-knit sweater your significant other thought you looked great in last year now is… »9/09/15 12:01pm9/09/15 12:01pm

Live, and Just a Swipe Away — It's 40 Years of Saturday Night Live!

Everyone can name their favorite SNL sketch. But how do you track it down when you’re craving a dose of comedic relief? To celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, NBC and SNL executives wanted to create a new way for fans to find their favorite moments (among the 5,500 sketches produced!) and discover new ones. They… »9/09/15 11:55am9/09/15 11:55am

Enter This Contest For A Chance To Become Filthy Rich

Gentlemen, start strategizing — it’s fantasy football season. Soon, your days will be filled with trash-talking coworkers while your nights will be spent making trades and trying really hard not to send hate mail to your league treasurer/ex-best friend. DraftKings can make this special time even more special; their… »9/08/15 11:55am9/08/15 11:55am

How Grown-Up Hangouts Started Sucking Less: A Historical Perspective

Ever find yourself hitting happy hour wondering what the ancient Greeks did at 5:15? Crazy coincidence: so have we. That’s why we got together with our buddies at Punch Bowl Social, a “kitchen sink-style” hangout emporium popping up in cities across America, to find out. Below, some highlights from humanity’s quest to… »9/03/15 3:55pm9/03/15 3:55pm

How to Set Mindful Fitness Goals

Most people pushing themselves through workouts are hoping that all that grunting and sweating is bringing them closer to a specific goal. Setting a fitness goal is easy. Simply say to yourself, “I’m going to complete next week’s triathlon in record time” and, poof! You have a goal! It’s no wonder a University of… »9/03/15 11:55am9/03/15 11:55am